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Benefits for Subjects in the Oxandrolone Group

It can be frustrating for people to dedicate hours in the gym and see very few results, no matter how hard they work lifting weights and watching their diets. To get help building muscle or burning fat so their muscles stand out, some professional and amateur athletes take supplements, including steroids. When compared to using other steroids, subjects in the oxandrolone group had less water weight gain while getting stronger and bigger muscles by using before workouts.

Who Uses It?

Both men and women can use oxandrolone, which may be better known as Anavar in the gym, without experiencing extreme side effects. Many women avoid anabolic steroids because they can have side effects like deepening their voices, growing hair in unwanted places and enlarging their clitorises. However, responsible dosing with oxandrolone has shown none of these effects in studies, so women can take this steroid to help build the muscle they want on their bodies.

Even it has been known as the “girl steroid,” men who’ve used it have had great success at building muscle without gaining water weight, so their muscles are more defined, and they’ve also increased their strength. It is important to note testosterone should be taken with this steroid, as with any other anabolic steroid, because it will suppress natural testosterone production, but not as much as other steroids do.

Additional Benefits

subjects in the oxandrolone group

Aside from getting good results with muscle gain and strengthening muscles, oxandrolone also increases red blood cell counts, which helps increase muscle endurance because it improves oxygenation. It can help with cardiovascular endurance and it is one of the only steroids which can be considered a fat burner. By taking the recommended dosages, oxandrolone can improve how your body looks and performs in the gym without many of the unwanted side effects of other anabolic steroids.